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Opatov 322
675 28 Opatov, Czech Rebublic

Tel: +420 736 678 687
Mail: info@campingvidlak.cz

Directions and route information

There are several routes leading to the Czech Republic.
For the GPS coordinates, there are some different formats:

Co-ordinates (depending on your SatNav settings)

  • N 49.20902 / E 15.65632 or
  • N 49 º 12.541′ / E 15 º 39.379′ or
  • N 49 º 12 '32.5 " / E 15 º 39' 22.8″

Directions from Prague
Leave Prague direction Brno (E50, E55, E65), ie the Prague ring road and take exit 112A, direction Jihlava – follow the E59 (road No 38) direction Znojmo/Vienna. After about 20km you arrive at Dlouhlá Brtnice. Just past a few houses, turn left direction Opatov (note first sign "Camping"). In Opatov, follow the signs marked "Camping".

From the south (Vienna)
Drive via Znojmo on the E 59 (road no 38) to the north, direction Jihlava. After about 50 km, turn right, direction Třebíč (road no 23). In Předín, turn left, direction Opatov (note first sign marked "Camping"). In Opatov, follow the signs marked "Camping".

From the east (Třebíč) or west (Telč)
Take road no 23. In Předín follow direction Opatov (note the first sign saying "Camping"). In Opatov follow the signs marked "Camping".


Please note that you are required to have a vignette on the motorway, these are available at the petrol pumps.

These vignettes will have become digital as of 2021. You can be checked more easily this way via cameras above the road, which check your license plate. Keep in mind that the fines are very high! (max. 20,000 Cz Crowns) And are also sent abroad!

Important changes (as of 2021):

-The Digital E-vignette for one year starts from now on on the desired date and is then valid for 365 days. It is therefore no longer linked to a calendar year.

-The Digital E-vignette for one month is now valid for 30 days from the chosen commencement date. (e.g. May 16 to June 14)

The Digital E-vignette for 10 days is valid for 10 days from the chosen date.

The costs for a vignette for the year 2021 are:

  • 310 Kč for a 10 day vignette
  • 440 Kč for a month vignette
  • 1500 Kč for a year-vignette

When traveling with a satellite navigation system, enter the right Opatov !!!
There are more than one. You must have the one in the Okres (region) Třebíč.